Steven Speilberg


Ridley Scott


Leigh Whannell


Michael Giacchino

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ALIEN is a sequel/reboot directed by Steven Speilberg and produced by director of the original Alien, Ridley Scott. It is a recreation of the events of the first film taking place 5 years later and following a different crew onboard the USCSS OBIBIMUS.

Plot Edit

The crew of a salvage vessel are given a mysterious directive by their employers, referred to only as "The Company", to undertake a salvage operation of a wreck on a deep space asteroid. When the crew awakes from a cryogenic sleep, they discover that the wreck is still emitting a distress call and three crew members are sent to investigate, only to return with an alien organism attatched to one of them.

The captain, Erin Hartley, insists that the three crew members remain in quarantine for at least 24 hours, but when a larger organism bursts fourth from the afflicted crew member's chest and kills the other two in containment with him, the remaining crew are thrust into a race for survival against a seemingly immortal killing machine, and not all of them can be trusted.

Characters Edit

  • Captain Erin Hartley - Jennifer Connelly
  • Medical Officer Ashley Grant - Kristen Bell
  • Warrant Officer Adam Daniels - Chris Evans
  • Chief Engineer Andrew Peterson - Chris Pratt
  • Engineer Robert Smith - Simon Pegg
  • Executive Officer Arthur Bain - Karl Urban
  • Navigator Mar Talbert - Olivia Wilde

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