AVP: The Deadly Hunt

 Spartan, The Leader of the elite clan sat at the console monotoring a youngbloods progress in his trial to become an elite hunter when something unexpected occured. The youngblood stalked a serprnt devouring its prey when the creature exploded. But not by his weapons, and he was the only nunter on that planet. He scanned and fell backwards when being hit by an unkown target. Spartan was on the edge of his chair. The youngblood sat up and had his plasma caster at the ready. Then a Yuatja uncloaked and brought the hunter to the ground. He pinned the Hunter down and lifted up his single bladed wrist guantlet and brought it down in the forhead. Spartan rewinded the video and realized that the other yuatja was from the Super Yuatja Clan. he saw to others in the background. He called in three hunters. Ven'tarken,Deranco,And Traut'yerness.

Ven'tarken had been informed of what happened. He was enraged. He went to his chamber and grabbed his gear including his acid resistant blades combi-stick and celtic mask