Aard Spore
Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Unspecified
Average Height Roughly Human-sized
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Sapient

Aards are heavily-armored sapients with a natural, quilled shell that is difficult to crack, though it is shed periodically. They have developed a violent history, and often work as bounty hunters. The best known member is X-itt Deth.


  • Locomotion: Bipedal walking coupled with occasional quadrupedal sneaking
  • Personality: Violent
  • Affiliation: Independant, though a large number are found working for the Iskian Empire
  • Archetype(s): Warrior
  • Primary language(s): Aardese
  • Alignment: Chaotic neutral
  • Biochemistry: Carbon-based lifeform with silicon-based attributes

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