"Doing what the gods could not... Sounds crazy, but what choice do we really have?"
— Aganate

Aganate (pronounced: AH-GA-NA-TEY) is a character created by Seijana, please don't edit without the writer's permission.

Aganate was a female member of the first human civilisation and one of the very few survivors of her hometown after the Serpents nearly overran it after having annhialated the Yautja hunting party.

Personality & Traits

Aganate was always fiercely independent and not very superstitious, which was what meant she could bring herself to scavenge the Gods' equipment during the fight for survival in her hometown. She is also very curious and always wanted to know what went on in the pyramid out of public sight. She has a deep hatred of the Serpents for what they did to her kinsfolk and is now suspicious of the Yautja for allowing such creatures to live off her race in such a manner, simply so they can add to their trophy collections.


Aganate grew up in the poor quarter of her home city, still in full view of the central pyramid. She was nineteen by the time the Gods returned for the Hunt, and tried to be Chosen so she could get into the pyramid to sate her curiosity as to just what went on inside the daunting structure. Due to her poor origins and lack of devotion to the Gods she was not chosen for sacrifice, but this was not enough to deter her. When the Chosen were due for sacrifice, she managed to sneak into the pyramid. What she saw horrified her and she fled for her life, but was caught up in the Predators' hunt.

All three Predators were killed in the course of some truly fierce combat. She tried to fight using what she could loot from the Predators' corpses, but was quickly forced to flee the pyramid as fast as her feet could carry her. With nothing to stop them, the Serpents swarmed out of the pyramid and began their insidious takeover of the city as the facehuggers did their sickening work. Soon, Aganate was one of just thirty remaining citizens faced with a rising tide of Xenomorphs.

Following rescue and the first true battle on Planet Earth, Aganate and her remaining kinsfolk were awarded, along with various honours, combistaves for having stood up to a veritable army of the Serpents with little more than spears and bows. Her fallen kinsfolk also recieved many posthumous honours.