Alex was born when a human general and his team carshed on the planet LA 9427.The team was soon taken to be facehuged. Soon Alex brusted out of the general. But unlike his fellow aliens, he was born with spikes on his head and grow almost bigger then a pretorian. Then when more humans arriverd to get the general. The marines wipe out most of the warriors, when Alex ambushed most of them and killed them. And Alex reveled he has more brain power than natural aliens, as he flw the drop ship back to the marine ship. Alex killed all the marines. But spared the life of a little girl. Alex killed any thing that came near the hive or queen. Alex all ways spared the lifes of children and even protected them from facehugges. But he had a vary evil idea, to use humans like cattle. The adults wound be facehuged and children would be spared untill they had children. Soon when the queen died, Alex got an idea to become the new queen, but a queen was all ready chosen. Alex then killed it and any thing that got in the way, even other aliens. Alex lived a vary he lived a vary long life, and the was killed by the predator called Rex. He was part of a sub-species called Super Aliens