(This is the sequel to Alien:The Returning :) )

The escape shuttle Tom,Mitch,Cody,and Joe,and the surviving marines are riding in docks on a Weyland-Yutani space station.Meanwhile,the alien climbs through the vents,hiding from the marines.The alien goes into the room where the facehugger tanks are,and smashes all of them,killing a few scientists in the process.The alien kills a few more people before heading to the place where the other aliens are,killing them too.An alarm sounds,and the marines,Tom,Mitch,Cody,and Joe,all grab their guns and search for the aliens.The aliens and the marines soon meet,and the battle begins.Meanwhile,a royal facehugger latches on to a marine.The marines begin to get overpowered,and Tom,Mitch,Cody,and Joe,all run to the escape shuttle.The alien from the SS Eagle spots them,and climbs up the vent to stalk them.The alien soon gets to the airlock,and gets spotted by Tom,and the others.They quickly blast the alien into space,finally killing it.As the aliens take over the space station,Tom,and the others zoom towards earth in an escape shuttle.

(I will release the sequel,Predator:Primal Hunt,soon!)

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