Tom typed in controls to land on the planet LV-426.He,his brother Mitch,his friends Cody and Joe,and a team of marines were here to check if the Xenomorphs infestation was over."Mitch,we'll be landing soon"Tom said."Okay"Mitch said.Their ship,the SS Eagle,landed on LV-426."Get ready"Tom said,grabbing his M4.Mitch grabbed his pulse rifle,and went to Cody,Joe,and the marines' rooms."Guys,get ready!We've landed!"Mitch said."Okay!"Cody replied,and came out with his M4.Joe came out with his AK-47,followed by the marines with their pulse rifles.They met with Tom,and stepped out onto LV-426."Split up"Mitch said.30 minutes later,one of the marines,named Seth,encounters a hive filled with eggs.He was about to run back,when one of the eggs hatches,and a facehugger leaps at him,and latches on to his face.Later,Seth wakes up,and goes back to the ship,and meets with the others."Break time everyone"Tom says."Letss have a snack"Mitch says.The marines and the others go for lunch,except Seth."I'll catch up later"Seth says,and heads to his room.Once Seth is in his room,the chestburster bursts out of his chest,blood spilling everywhere.The chestburster climbs up a vent.Inside the vent,the chestburster grows into a fully grown Xenomorph.Suddenly, an alarm sounds,and the computer says,"Unknown Organism Detected!Lockdown Quarantine in effect!"All the doors close,and Cody tries to turn off the alarm.Once Cody turns the alarm off,they all decide to check on Seth.They go into Seth's room,and see his dead body.Suddenly,the alien smashes through the ceiling into the room they are in.Everybody runs out the door,but Trevor is caught and pulled into the room by the alien.Joe closes the door and continues running.They head to the controls and activate self destruct sequence.Suddenly,they hear the alien coming and they hide in a big locker.Once the alien is gone,they run to the escape shuttle.While running through the hall to the escape shuttle,the ceiling suddenly bursts open,and the alien's tail swings down,and impaled Nick,then drags him into the ceiling vent,knocking away Tom's M4 in the process.They reach the escape shuttle,and the shuttle blasts into space with Tom,Mitch,Cody,Joe,and the surviving marines;Wayne,Smith,and Jones.Soon after,the ship explodes,and everyone relaxes,not knowing that the alien followed them inside,and is hiding...

Thanks for reading!I will be releasing the sequel,"Aliens:The Attack"soon!

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