Alien reanimation is a fanmade story and way close to the alien storyline but with multi-crossovers to many universes or systerm, this fanfiction story is made by joshuajacobson95.  pre published 11/27/15







Fan artEdit

Character galleryEdit

Character listEdit

character gender species age
Joshua zero male human 12

andria zero

female human 16


male human 19
james male human 16
bill male human 14
indra male human 17
percy 1.0 male synfedic tba
percy 2.0 male synfedic tba
lambert female human (clone) tba
parker male human (clone) tba
brett male human (clone) tba
dallas male human (clone) tba
cousin male computer tba
nostromo hitchhiker male human tba
kyle zero ( josh and andria's father male human tba

Month day year
november 15 2142
tba tba 2122

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