A man named Dave Connors was thrown against a stone wall,he grunted as he fell to the floor he then ran at a large black super predator,then being knocked on the floor he whipped the blood from his mouth " filthy dogs" he shouted the black super predator walked out and threw a jungle hunter predator in the cell.

Chapter 1:the new team

The predator roared at Dave and dave backed up to the wall,dave thought it was for safety measures,"hey,how bout we team up"dave said "we have to get out of here or theyll hear us,this is your planet isnt this,we have to restore its honor"dave continued,meanwhile the predator made its odd croak like noise it then nodded "i hope that these hunters dont have the big grey bug with two tails" dave said and smiled, suddenly the black predators footsteps were heard along with hissing soon the door opened and the bsp let in two xenomorph drones which quickly attacked the duo,the predator punched the first xeno but the xeno got up and pounced on the pred(from now on known as dusk) and prepared to do a headbite when suddenly dusk had a burst of adrenaline and kicked it off,dusk then ran at the B.S.P and tackled him to the floor and removed his plasma caster and shot both xenos killing them,dusk then took the B.S.P equipment and gave david the smart disc,the duo then walked out ready to fight the B.S.P's.