The space station from Alien:The Attack crashes on Earth,due to the xenomorph infestation on the station.Meanwhile,a predator ship hovers over Earth,and lands.The aliens rampage through the city,and predator ship lands nearby.The marines,come soon,and a battle begins.Meanwhile,Tom,Mitch,Cody,and Joe,hear about everything on the news.They decide to make Cody and Joe stand guard,while they prepare with their guns,and supplies.Two predator youngbloods,named Blood,and Stone,come into the fight.Stone is killed,while Blood kills some of the aliens,becoming blooded.Blood prays for his fallen team mate,then runs to the other predators to help them fight.Meanwhile,Cody gets seperated from Joe,when a praetorian attacks.Cody runs and hides behind a car.The praetorian leaves,and Cody runs back to where Joe is.Meanwhile,Blood meets up with Sharp,and Fang,two predators.Aliens attack the 3 predators,and all the aliens are killed.Meanwhile a group of marines arrives at Tom's house to help Cody and Joe fend off the attacking aliens.Meanwhile,a super predator ship escape pod lands nearby,and a super predator named Thorn comes out.Thorn rampages through the city,killing everything in sight.Thorn meets Fang,and they fight.Thorn kills and beheads Fang.Sharp meets Thorn,and tries to kill him,but is badly injured in the process.Thorn is about to finish Sharp off,when Blood arrives and fights Thorn.Blood kills Thorn,and heals Sharp.

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