On the distant planet of LV-426....

A new alien queen starts laying eggs on the ground. Praetorians surround her in order to protect the new queen.


"Zach,set a course to LV-426."Professor Smith said.

"Yes,sir."Zach replied.

The ship,called the Dragonfly,zoomed towards the distant planet.Suddenly,an asteroid grazed the side of the Dragonfly.

"Sir,we have been hit by a sudden asteroid!""We have been damaged greatly!"Paul shouted.

Red lights started flashing wildly.Then,the emergency speaker shouted,"Um,Houston we have a problem!"

The Dragonfly went out of course,and started floating around in space at a very high speed.

"Activate the emergency backup engines!"Cody yelled.

"It's not working!"Zach shouted back.

"Abandon the Dragonfly!"Head towards the emergency pods!"Professor Smith shouted.


"That was close!"Paul said.

"Guys,we have landed on LV-426!"Cody said with excitement.

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