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Chapter 1 Birth

On the jungle planet LV-756 were marine soldier's secret base, researchers have found a Queen xenomorph, took her and forced her to lay her eggs. A researcher named Dr John Madson had plans to make a new species of xenomorphs. So he took three eggs and three patients as subjects, two out of three patients died, but only one survived and he is where it perfect subject. On the base Dr madson and Dr johnson walked to the lab.

John, I know you'd like to great a new species of xenomorphs but this is not right. said Dr. johnson.

and what is the proplemet said Dr madson with a loud voice.

well the fact is is that you but before Dr. johnson said done they arrived at the lab.

Come johnson said Dr madson and walked down, johnson walked after him.

Here you see our patient, said Dr Johnson madson and pointed to a person in a Chair.

oh God, get rid of the parasite from me cried the patient in pain.

Dr johnson saw blood coming out of his chest, and before he knows word came a chestbuster out of the body but they were larger than the other.

You'll know why it is larger than the other Johnson,

yeah I gave it steroids and is it not wonderful, said Dr madson and told the researchers that anesthetize it and mark it.

What should it be marked with, Madson? asked Dr Johnsonwith an x, and I'll call him Xurses said Dr madson and smiled, having said so Xurses was anesthetize and marked with an x, but he did not know that Xurses had plans to escape

Chapter 2 outbreak

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