The Alizings were an alien race native to the Hutt Space planet of the same name. They were noseless humanoid bipeds with purple skin, and two eyes on the top of their heads.


Several Alizings were the security personnel on board Princess Nampi's ship, a converted Nuffin freighter. They all wore matching blue uniforms with blue helmets that covered the entire top half of their heads, with holes for their eyes covered with red lenses. Most, if not all, of the guards were killed when Jabba Desilijic Tiure killed Nampi. The pair sent to escort him to his ship to loot it died when they were shot in the head by the security system, and then when Nampi herself was killed by xenoboric acid, the three guards with her died when they found themselves standing in the rapidly-spreading pool and sank down into it and were melted. The remainder of the guards were taken prisoner by Jabba's crew. Jabba initially considered selling them as slaves to his friend Cabrool Nuum. However he changed his mind and ejected them all into space so he could "Watch 'em pop."

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