" Arise my child, Arise Ann." Master said to Ann.

Ann was the first human to be crossed with and mix with both xenomorph DNA and human DNA and not become a full xeno or human.


Ann was just a normal woman in sector 3431, better known as Kal-Dera, until Xenomorphs came and killed all she loved and took her to Mr. Green, who crossed xeno and human DNA to make the future of all xenos. However she wanted full control over all xenomorphs. But her plans would have to wait until Master De Lacurmist made a mistake and his life was gone forever. Then make it to the top.

Sue and Kal-DeraEdit

Ann became close friends with Sue. They often went on missons together. Then while she was at the planet Kal-Dera, Sue's homeworld, the xenomorphs attacked and took her to Mr. Green to become the hybrid Master De Lacurmist wanted. This process took months. As she was in a cocoon that was slowly combining her DNA with Master De Lacurmist's DNA.

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