Creator Somarinoa
Stellar Position 2
Moon Count 0
Terrain Hue Brown
Liquid Hue None
Atmosphere Hue None
Sapient Inhabitants Zavvaku (colony)
Affiliation(s) Zavvaku Empire

Antana is the second planet in the Bultea system. It is also the chosen location for the first Zavvaku off-world colony. It was chosen partially due to its proximity to the Tromin system, thereby making it particularly easy to defend should something drastic occur, and partially because it emits red spice, which the Zavvaku's homeworld of Angion also emits, thereby making them well-versed in its handling.

Currently, Antana only possesses one colony - Alteusa. While the planet is considered important to the Zavvaku strategically, it is not considered very important economically speaking, and therefore additional colonies are not currently under consideration, although once Macus invents angioniforming devices or some are bought from an alternate sapient species, it is planned to have its terrascore raised so that the citizens can live outside of the shield dome.


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