Predator Huntress by indyguy


Night Viper 4
Predator hunter
Blade is a omega predator. His family was killed by xenomorphs and has hated them ever scine.


He hunted all xenos on a game resverue to death. And wanted to join the Omega predators. When an acttack by xeno's killed his entire family. He promised to kill all xenos. But sone fell in love with a young female predator. And he had a family. He sone, like the rest of his fellow hunters, joined with the humans in a war with Master and the rest of the hive mines. But turned on a bomb to kill the aliens on a human ship. The humans esacped, but before he could reach an esacp pod he was stabed in the back by Mr.Green. And then the bomb went off and killed gboth him and Mr.Green.


Blade uses 2 wirst blades and a spear gun. Also he carved an alien face in his new mask, after the one he had was destoryed

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