Pred Buzzsaw,or Noltic, was a Yautja hunter. His brother was Dark.


Helping a Brother

When Dark went to Xenomrph prime, Buzzsaw had just got back from a hunt. He was told of his brothers location, he went to go find his brother. Buzzsaw and Dark had always been close, though Buzzsaw was five years older. After Buzzsaw went on his first hunt he told his brother about the Xenomorphs. He was thinking back to times when he and Dark threw sticks like spears, when he arrived. He found Darks location, he was alive but wounded. Buzzsaw stepped onto Xenomorph prime and went to find his brother. He found dead predators along the way. He had to fight lots of Xenos but he made it to Dark. He gave Dark a health shard and helped him up. They were attacked and had to hide in a cave, thay found out the cave was a hive. The two brothers were forced deep into the hive and had to fight the queen. They killed her and took her skull to Buzz's ship. They were about to leave when humans attcked. Buzzsaw and Dark fought the humans, they retreited to the ship. The brothers were encountered by a few human ships. They desstroyed them and flew back to the Yautja home planet. Buzzsaw and his brother told the location of Xenomorph prime. Buzzsaw and Dark realized that they forgot to dstroy the dead predator bodies. They were to be banished but they were told to retrieve the technology.