Chase was always about two feet taller than everyone he met.The average man was 5'9-6'6 sometimes even 7 feet.He was different than any other man.He was 8'6 the same height his great great grandson Tommy is.Chase was bulked up bigger than most men.

Chase fighting off a preatorian

History with colonial marines

He joined the marines on his 18th birthday.After 17 years in the marines he became a captain,he earned his rank with pride.He always puts his troops first,he once took a plasmacaster to the leg to save a marine.

Fighting the Yautja

Like Tommy he fights the species of the xenomorphs and yautja.Little did Zel'no'di know that he fought the grandfather of his brothers foe Tommy.A predator name Zie'ta hunted Chase,they fought any chance they got.

Fighting along side Yautja

Once he killed a xenomorph,that pinned down a predator,with his bare hands and the could have been dead predator offered him the chance to hunt along side the Yautja.He then fought along side the hunters as long as they didn't kill humans as long as Chase lived.They agreed with honor in their promise.
Chase predator armor

The Captain now equal to Machiko


  • Double wristblades
  • Smart disc
  • Combi stick
  • Alien skull shield
  • Plasma caster
  • Glaive
  • Maul
  • Speargun