Charon II, or simply Charon (not to be confused with Charon), is a harsh world that inexplicably orbits a black hole. It is slightly larger than Mars. The planet is in constant darkness, even the light of the stars invisible. The surface is mostly desert and rocky wasteland, criscrossed with the occasional river or lake. Winds rip across it, creating massive, deadly sandstorms. Charon is rich in minerals and metals.

There is evidence that an ancient civilization once existed on the planet. Massive obelisks dot the surface; each one is identical to the other. Shaped like double helixes, they resemble tapering strands of DNA. There are theories that say the obelisks keep the planet away from the black hole and capable of supporting life.

Virtually all life on Charon is silicon-based. Flora, mostly fungi like organisms, are capable of metabolizing minerals and carrion. Fauna fall into two categories; those that eat minerals, and those that eat other creatures. All creatures have the senses of taste, touch, and hearing. Some have additional senses such as scent, thermal vision, and electroperception. All fauna display bioluminesence.

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