Chthonos is a world encased entirely in a shell of solid aethersteel, criscrossed with leylines. It was created as a last-resort sanctuary against the legions of Locust by a group of Lemurian sorcerors; however, something went wrong during it's creation, resulting in the destruction of Lemuria. The many intersections of leylines allowed for many forms of life to cross over and inhabit the realm. Despite the large variety of life, no sapient beings settled Chthonos until the aetherkin.

History Edit

Chthonos is an artificial world created by a cabal of sorcerers dedicated to the eradiciation of the Locust. Once located on the trans-dimensional contient known as Lemuria, these sorcerers were able to "shift" the continent, bouncing off of other dimensions in order to transport the landmass to different locations. This unique method of transportation attracted the attention of the Locust, a nightmarish race of beings that augment themselves with the collective knowledge, technology, and biological material of other creatures. First contact was cataclysmic; Lemuria suffered enormous casualties, but managed to prevent the Locust from crossing over onto earth. The top metaphysicists of the continent gathered together in an attempt to create a world that would be immune to their corruption.

Known Sapient Races Edit

  • Aetherkin
  • Humans
  • Otherkin
  • Shinigami

(To be expanded.)

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