The Cilparians were a race of humanoids were once native to Cilpar, a planet in the Colonies Region. Before the Cilparians became extinct, they constructed numerous temples across the planet's surface. Of sturdy design, these temples outlasted their creators and were utilized by the Cilpari Resistance in their fight against the Galactic Empire.

Society and culture Edit

The Cilparians constructed dozens of temples throughout the forests of the planet Cilpar. Those structures differed slightly in design from one to the other, but they were built consistently in a symmetrical style with angled sides. Some of the temples had spires on their roofs marking each corner. They were fronted with stairs and supported internally by columns. The Cilparians decorated their temples with scrolls and reliefs, and they erected statues of figures with largely Human visages outside. Some of these statues were large, several times larger than a typical Human, whereas others were approximately the same height as Humans.

History Edit

The Cilparians once inhabited Cilpar, a planet in the southern portion of the Colonies Region near the Rimma Trade Route; however, the Cilparians became extinct. By the time the new settlements of Kiidan and Tamarack were established, the immigrants to Cilpar knew little of the Cilparians. During the Galactic Civil War, the Cilpari Resistance used some of the temples as weapons depots. One of those Rebels, Elscol Loro, tried to sell parts of a temple to smuggling kingpin Talon Karrde, but the structure proved too difficult to dismantle. The temples were subsequently the site of several skirmishes against the Galactic Empire.

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