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Cloned Predaliens
Species Name Cloned Predaliens
Other Names The Abominations
Planet BX-757
Diet {{{diet}}}
Lifespan {{{lifespan}}}
Behavior {{{behavior}}}
Sapience level {{{sapience}}}
Galaxy Milky Way
Governmental System None
Affiliations Scarface (formerly)

Jungle moon hive (formerly)

Allies {{{allies}}}
Enemies *Predators
  • Colonial Marines
  • True Predaliens
Ruler Predalien Queen
Powers & Abilities Green acid blood

Ability to convert Xenomorphs into them through the hive

Languages {{{languages}}}
Weapons Inner jaw, Claws, Tail
Goal Convert the entire Xenomorph race
The Cloned Predaliens were Predaliens created from Predator DNA mixed with several Xenomorph Warriors. They are similar to Predaliens but have the ability to convert other Xenomorphs into them through the hive webbing. The Cloned Predaliens eventually converted most of Scarface's hive, as well as Scarface's Praetorians. They defeated the Immortal Predators in several confrontations.

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