Colonel Jack Becker, Sr. Richard's brother.

Colonel Jack Becker
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin Earth,

Jupiter (born in)

Species Hybrid,


Occupation Commander,

U.S Mariner

Age 15
Powers & Abilities Heat Vision (currently)
Family Unnamed father (father)

Media:Example.ogg Richard Deker (Foster brother/enemy) Jack Becker, Jr (youngest Unborn-Son)
unnamed unborn cousin (adoptive cousin)

Marital Status Divorced
Spouse(s) Unnamed ex-wife (deceased)
Children Unnamed son (older son)

Troy Davies (adopted son/enemy)

Status Alive
Appearances Alien: Armies (film) (appeared)

Alien: Reboot (film)

Portrayed By Arley Swaby

Terry Pennyworth (teenage)

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