"We have been free for countless millinea free. Why join the Covenant?"-the former dictator of the species beforing being killed

Mandirimgangtropiko (Latin:occidit spiritus virus meaning poison breathing killer) known to Humans as Commandos are a red skinned,emerald green blooded, Methane breathing(with a compound to stabilize it and oxygen)ape-like mammals from the tropical planet Tehanan.They are peace loving but haave metal-like wood weapons with strong leather-like kelp to hold the gun together.They have high peaeful inventions like the colonizor space craft which helped colonize nearby planet Ajicana.


  • Mandirimgangtropiko is tagalog for 'Warrior of the Tropics
  • Tehanan means 'home' in the same language
  • Some have Armor Lock,Hologram or Jet Packs
  • The species is 7 ft. tall

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