Compound 25 was home to a massive xeno-zip facility located on a moon orbiting the same planet as acheron.


The compound was constructed by a drug lord who made money by making the preformance enhancing drug called xeno-zip a.k.a. fire. The compound was also home to a xenomorph experiment facility it was here that they genetically created new aliens such as the arachnid alien and mantid alien as well as had a breeding program for xenomorphs such as spitters, drones, warriors, crushers, and boilers.


A list of xenos was found by colonial marines attracted by a distress signal

  • xeno-warriors -10
  • xeno-spitters - 5
  • xeno-drones - 20
  • mantid aliens - 2
  • boilers - 5 currently, often commit suicide
  • crushers - 5
  • snake aliens - 2
  • queen - 1 more to come
  • empress - deceased
  • bull aliens - 2
  • panther aliens - 5
  • night cougar aliens - 5
  • swarm aliens - 2
  • scorpion aliens - 10
  • wild boar aliens - 10
  • giant facehuggers -5
  • facehuggers - 10,000
  • praetorians - 5
  • razor claws - 3
  • thanatos - 1 more to be produced
  • chestbursters - 50 many are beginning to mature though
  • velociraptor aliens - 2
  • t-rex aliens - 1
  • ridged warriors - 25


xeno-spitter#1 extremely intelligent - future queen possibly?

warriors using team tactics to complete challenges

thanatos a very promising bio-organic-weapon


A facehugger snuck out and impregnated a royal jelly refinery worker in his sleep so no one knew he had a chestburster. It hatched above a vat of royal jelly big enough to hide an empress it fell in and began to grow rapidly meanwhile an arachnid alien had been made attracted by the empresses summons it sprayed acid on a scientist escaping the lab meanwhile the empress climbed out of the vat and made two facehuggers to impregnate security guards. Soon the arachnid alien cut the labs power freeing every xenomorph escaped and turned the compound into a hive. A facehugger impregnated a japanese spider crab which the drug lord kept as a pet and it created the deadly killer crab alien. A scientist sent a distress signal which was heard by the colonial marines...

colonial marine involvement and interventionEdit

A battalion of colonial marines landed on the planet to search for survivors.

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