Nortroff(crallen energy weapon)with sling

382px-Nazi s are aliens by katluver3765-d35tqzv

A skuozi(crallen soldier)

Crallens are one of the ancient and hyperintelligent species from a far away Earth-like planet called Steracroy(a planet of great age) who were somewhat like the space nazi's in the universe,they enslaved and killed many races to conquer and spand their culture so the universe can be perfect.They had a german like culture and even speaked the same lenguage that germans speaked,humans learned their lenguage and called it "german ".They conquered many planets one of those were Antenosphere,Tricotiant,and Zonof,they are also planning to attack Aluxus .Of course these planet are just examples they conkered many more,some of the crallens were peaceful but,Sterecroy's army wasen't wich those Crallens called themselfs Skuozi's,Their anatomy resembles to squid- like humanoids,but had instead of two legs they had four.They believed that they evolved from the squid-like simian called"Squimpanzees"Wich were like Earth simians but with many squid like features.Also unlike many other races their appereance was varyied since every crallen looked different,some male were skinny and tall(like the one on the picture)others were muscular and others even fat,females were like them but with female-like anatomy,smaller,with breast,and bigger hips.women of course were respected there unlike Earth in wich they treat women as sexual toy.Also crallens reproduced obviously sexual, and also cloning but just for their armies,They had white skin and red blood.They also have some amazingly high technology,most of their technology were weapons to conquer,like energy weapons space crafts teletransportation and helmets that were force field machines of course if it was overheated by shooting at it with either assault rifles or energy weapons it could explode and ending up violently and messy with their heads.They also used their technology to entertain themeselfs,like computers, televisions,video games and cellphones,they also develop telekinesis,telepathy even immortality.

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