Demonbane using it strongest abilities

Demonbane is the strongest weapon human can use. It has a shape of humanoid robotic with size of roughly 20,000 multiverses. And the strongest ability of Demonbane is duplication. It particle can duplicte into millions. Because of this, the making of Demonbane is one millions milenia. The man behind this project is a human name Stanley Bruiser. Only a few men knows about Bruiser. The legend said that the duplication of particle and make millions of Demonbane is the idea taken from Deouxformazanziscar.

One Demonbane is enough to destroy a universe easly. Demonbane is operated from a Zchileon energy, pure sub-atomic particle from the first Deouxformazanziscar or Agrobarick.

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