Deouxformazanziscar is a hive mind of infinite beings including Agrobarick. Their numbers are infinite


Agrobarick , have the omniverse inside it as an atom. He is a level 1 Deouxformazanziscar. While level 2 Deouxformazanziscar is the universe of Agrobarick . The level 3 Deouxformazanziscar is the universe next to level 2 Deouxformazanziscar who dwarfed Agrobarick itself. The sequence will be like this while they have infinite level. So the higher the level, the bigger and the stronger they are. Because they are a hive mind, each Deouxformazanziscar will not deviating from their behavior except Agrobarick . It is happening Agrobarick is hit by the Salaman fracture. It is still unknown that the Deouxformazanziscar have an avatar like the Purifier or not.


Deouxformazanziscar was first found by Grand Master K'Raamar. But Zchileon energy, the pure sub-atomic energy of Deouxformazanziscar. K'Ramaar was first meet him when his midichlorian was teleport into Syn stage, where he have conciousness but his atomic particle still in the place where his midichlorian was teleported. K'Ramaar only had a little conversation. But Deouxformazanziscar gave K'Ramaar the secret of the omniverse. In 166 APW, a jedi named Mylan fought the followers of Deouxformaznziscar in planet Jerrgerod. The followers is really strong because all of their weapon energy is Zchileon. Mylan win this battle by using partisan technique (guerilla). He sneak into the Dermaga, the planet core, and override the machine to explode the planet itself. After he win the battle, he is reward by the order and become la'mentor.


  • Deouxformaznziscar is the largest hive mind.
  • Deouxformaznziscar is came from Obar language (Settel system) which means infinite form of the highest being. People of Jerrgerod know it as Zyagebhe or the true deity.
  • Salaman fracture, who hit Agrobarick came from the 35,553,521,632,252,622th Deouxformaznziscar.
  • The only Deouxformazanziscar called with a diffrent name is Agrobarick.

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