Manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation, the Drexl-class starfighter was a short-ranged, two-person starfighter named after the Drexl bird from the moon Dxun. Originally a prototype of the Preybird-class starfighter, the Drexl was armed with dual laser cannons and a concussion missile launcher.


The Drexl-class starfighter was a short-range starfighter manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation. The Drexl had a spacious 2 person cockpit, but could be flown by just one pilot, although it required an astromech droid or copilot for optimal combat effectiveness. When it was flown by a single pilot, there was room for up to 50 kilograms of cargo, which included 2 days of consumables.

The Drexl-class starfighter was armed with dual laser cannons and a concussion missile launcher that held 12 concussion missiles and cost 165,000 credits new. A used model of the starfighter cost 100,000 credits. It was not equipped with a hyperdrive, so the starfighter was mainly used for short-range combat or planetary defense. The starfighter was not available to civilians, and was primarily used by customs forces.

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