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The fallen predator

Necronom IV
This article, Fallen Predator, was written by JokerMan999. Do not edit this fiction without the writer's consent.

The fallen predator was a predator crucified and loked up in a pyramid by xenomorphs.He was the first predator to sucsessfully kill a xenomorph queen and her egg sack.His real name was Fai'lo

First killEdit

Generations before scar came to earth,Yautja prime was invaded by the xeno's queen and her xenos.In Pain because of her egg sack,Fai'lo was able to destroy the egg sack with his combi-stick and kill her with his plasma caster(wich looked like a bow.)


Cornered,Fai'lo was captured and locked away in a pyramin,crucified on a massive cross,which he was chained to.

  • Fai'lo
  • Fai'lo's first mask.
  • Fai'lo's captor the xeno name green.

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