Flokkolf Spore
Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Unspecified
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Sapient

Flokkolves are a race of sapients indigenous to an unspecified homeworld. They live in a Utopian society of sophistication. Long ago, one of their sets of eyes evolved itself into a large pheromonal organ, which releases pheromones that would calm predators down, lowering the likelihood of an attack. This organ, known as a turban, led directly to their Utopian society building as they kept each other peaceful as well, and war never broke out. As such, they entered their interstellar era quite early on, and are well-known to the older, if not odder, races of the galaxy. Oftentimes during civil unrest on any world in the galactic unions an embassy of Flokkolvian delegates will be sent to the planet to work as mediators. Many times, this has worked.

Because of their typical mediator occupations, they have not subscribed directly to any one alliance or affiliation, and can be seen amongst the populaces of most who know of their existence. Surprisingly, even the Chaos Legions have occasionally had hard times bringing themselves to attack the Flokkolf race, should enough of them be in a single location. Rumor is that their world is well within the influence of Diimonic territory yet their natural numbers on their world has prevented their decimation, mutation or absorption. If this is the case however, the Flokkolves themselves have yet to admit to it, as they believe that keeping their world location unknown will help quell some animosity during peace talks since for some, more paranoid, individuals they might see the Flokkolf world being in one of the two affiliation's territory as being some sort of underhanded scheme on that affiliation's part, lowering the success rate of the talks somewhat.

The Flokkolvian government hopes to one day mend the animosity between affiliations, and lead the entire galaxy into a time of true peace and harmony.


  • Locomotive Capabilities: Quadrupedal shuffling


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