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The golden xenomorph is a rare type of xenomorph, so rare, in fact, that it is thought to be only a mutation (or possibly evolution) of the xenomorph species. This creature was not only named after it's skins' shiny yellow color, but also because its' exoskeleton was as hard as (and partially made of) gold

One of the most distinguishable features it had that greatly set it aside from the rest of its species was that it was sentient, not sapient. In addition to this, it also had the ability to reproduce without a queen, egg or facehugger, it did this by removing its "brainslug" from its' head and allowing it to enter another persons throat and deposits the embryo, however it seems to have control over whether or not the embryo will grow a brainslug of its own or not, as (in very dire situations where its body is badly injured) it will plant an ebryo in itself, allowing it brainslug to hide in its own carcass untill the chestbuster errupts and grow big enough for it to enter. Because of its' sentience, it can learn languages, use advanced weaponry or even use computers, all quite well and easily, in fact it once hacked into a computer system in order to release the xenomorph queen which it was still moderately "attached" to. It can also subliminally control other xenomorphs, or any sapient creature as it has demonstrated before.


It, aside from being gold, has several distinct features, such as barbed tail, apposable thumbs on its hand and feet, mandiples and back spikes.

Alliance with the PredatorsEdit

At one point it hunted down a queen mother as part of its plot to replace the xenomorph race with its species (the golden xenomorphs) however the first hunt was fruitless, the queen mother was just too well protected. Knowing they were the only beings in the galaxy who had ever defeated a queen mother, it sought out the predators and, with their help conquered the queen mothers.

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