Goremedy using his energy sword


Goremedy is a Sangheili zealot. He was saved by Master from his death and be came Master's second-in-command and Master's bodyguard.


Goremedy was a zealot during the Jiralhanae/Sangheili wars. During a battle, his ship was shot down. He was alive, but was slowly dying. Then the Jiralhanae came to the crashed ship, but were killed by Master and his xenomorph warriors. Master heard Goremedy's voice. He said to Goremedy, "If you want to live, join the Botherhood". Seeing how it was better than death, Goremedy joined the Botherhood and became Master's second-in-command.

War at earthEdit

While the Bbotherhood was "searching" for Foreunner tech. They came to Earth. Here began a battle that destroyed most of the land. Finally Earth was there's and Goremedy was put in charge of the planet. Only to have some human try to take back the planet. But they failed and the base was destroyed. Master gave a new order destroy the humans. Goremedy soon found the main base of the humans. Goremedy killed all and found a key blue print the botherhood was "searching" for. A blue print that had all the information need to make a halo ring.

alien/hunter war 2Edit

After chasing humans away from Earth. Both the Sangheili and the Yautja joined the battle against the Botherhood. This over powered the forces Goremedy had and caused a retreat to Botherhood space. The victory was bitter for his enemies as the Jiralhane attacked the Sangheili homeworld. This left open a chance to wipe out the Yautja once and for all. 

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