Grand Zharkulan
Grand Zharkulan
Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Zharkul
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Sapient
Grand Zharkulan Lineup

Blaster, a Grand Zharkulan of average adult height, in comparison to an average Human.

The Grand Zharkulans are the primary species of Zharkulans ruling the oceans of their homeplanet of Zharkul. During their many thousands of civilizational years before manned space flight and the subsequent discovery of extrazharkrestrials in the Kyklos Galaxy, they were noted for their ultra-violent behavior, and the Grands would eventually come to overpower the numerous others of their kind. Grand Zharkulans are not inheritently evil however and this is simply how they came to evolve their instinct; upon discovery that not all races in the galaxy shared this personality, the Grand Zharkulans strived hard to stow their instincts when around other species to prevent tragedies from occurring. Nearly all other Zharkulans followed suit, with the one notable exception being the Abyssal Zharkulans, which as a result of their wanton destruction of other races were imprisoned on their own homeworld. Perpetually furious that this was done to them and now incapable of ever exploring the stars due to the combined might of their less-violently-minded brethren, a solitary member of their kind, Transpose escaped the planet and formed the Scourge Space Piracy by allying with a number of other races. He eventually plans to free his kind to wreak havoc on the galaxy at large, but not until he has assured his own safe place in the stars - he does not wish to free his kin only to be assassinated by another Abyssal Zharkulan who wishes to hold his position as leader of a space pirate band.

Many Grand Zharkulans choose to enter particularly violent professions, one well-known choice is that of a space hunter. While they may serve the Crux Space Piracy, they are never found serving the Scourge, who will kill them on sight.


  • Areas Found: Seamounts, undersea cities, terrestrial cities
  • Species Classification: Zharkulan
  • Locomotive Capabilities: Aquatic: Sweeping of caudal fin over large distances and precise movement by four muscled and webbed limbs. Terrestrial: Bipedal walking.
  • General Personality: Ultra-violent. Try to hold back their natural inctincts when dealing with extrazharkrestrials.
  • Organizational Terminology: Shivers

Notable MembersEdit

  • Blastarr, Space Hunter (Blaster to Terrans)
  • Ilme, Hunter Spotter (Elma to Terrans)

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