Halo A-218 is a Halo addition taking place in 2559 and focusing on SPARTAN-IIIs,Adam A-218,J.A. A-217,Wahne W-216,Ryan R-215 and Johnathan J-375.It also has a 2552 flashback between NOBLE team's death and the final glassing of Reach. In this Series, the Covenant Civil War ends,the New Covenant Enpire forms with the Prophets in a lower combat/ship commander ranking,the Silencerz (members of varied species who have silver and purple armor which can cloak,disguise and sych with Silencerz tech)come,go to war with the New Covenant Empire and UEG and lose,the Drones (a species of evil robots) have been at war with Silencerz,the New Covenant gains new species and NOBLE team is revived to help the anti-Silencerz cause. (P.S. silencerz: singular is Silencer or as a faction Silencerz/plural Silencerz)


"These guys are tough."

"I know the're like commandos;in fact let's call them that."

-Arbiter Thel' Vadam and Adam A-218 on Mandirimgangtropikos

"How the? Who the?What the? How is that even possible!?"

-A-218 when a Covenant Spire was disabled by a Silecerz E.M.P. blast and later by UNSC soldiers upon seeong a dronifed SPARTAN-III

"The timegate failed, we're stuck in space."

-A-218 after taking a prototype timegate from 2010 to 2559 ending up in 2552 instead

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