The Hemadeins were a race of sapient, bipedal ichthyoid organisms. Frieza came across this race and proceeded to destroy nearly their entire species, leaving only three survivors to work for him. Not very much information is known about their species; this may be because of a possibility that Frieza was in fact the first to discover their race, possibly alluding to the fact that they may have been yet to reach interstellar exploration.

Notable Hemadeins Edit

  • Cui
  • "Hemadein Commander"
  • "Hemadein Trooper"

Trivia Edit

Frieza's murder of their entire species shows incredible similarities to how he dealt with the Saiyan species; this may indicate that they were as a whole a very strong species, or even that there was a legend about them in a similar fashion that there was a legend about the concept of Super Saiyans.

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