Henzap Spore
Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Unspecified
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Omnivore
Sapience Level Sapient

Henzaps are a race of sapients who are typically found employed as smugglers between planetary systems. Other occupations they typically hold are almost always considered equally illegal amongst the general populace of the Kyklos Galaxy. As a whole they are almost in a constant state of trouble - unfortunately for them many local police forces know about their kind and their penchant for breaking laws, and if a Henzap is spotted on a world, chances are they will be arrested even before any evidence has even shown up.

Because of this, Henzap have adapted to often put their hands up as a sign of meaning no ill-will, all the while backing away and cowering, in attempt to garner sympathy or some other feeling that will allow the Henzap an opportunity to get off scot free. However, in all likelihood the Henzap is indeed in the middle of something illegal. While they can certainly communicate vocally, Henzaps utilize natural bioluminescence to communicate to one another, especially when under surveillance by the local fuzz. This allows them to plot their escape should anything go down. Should escape be warranted a necessity, they reveal themselves to be expert traceurs, possessing almost unlimited energy and seemingly supernatural capabilities of agility and equilibrium.

Henzaps are often found in the employment of the Crux Space Piracy and the Iskian Empire, although will work for anyone who will pay their salary. Despite their shocking parkour capabilities, they are not always considered the best choice for a smuggling operation, as a good many illegal operatives who might hire them do not considered their "fancy ability to get away" useful in any fashion to the actual jobs at hand.


  • Locomotive Capabilities: Bipedal walking in an upright stance; though naturally a forward-progressing movement, they are often seen backing away from others due to their constantly assumed (and often correctly deduced) guilt.
  • Average Lifespan: 70-120 years
  • Organizational Term: Stashes

  • Environmental Preferences: Cities and cargo-carrying starships
    • Preferred Areas: Cargo holds, dark alleyways and the shadows
  • General Personality: Opportunistic
  • Primary Language: Henzapei & bioluminescence
  • Secondary Language: Any language that their employers speak
  • Overall Alignment: Neutral Evil


  • Henzap's name is a play on the phrase "Hands up".
  • Henzaps were created within Spore, and intentionally walk backwards in-game.
  • Henzap have a very nice set of animations in Spore - the location of their mouth, for instance, allows them to properly cower as one might do should a gun be pointed towards them.

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