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Hive Mine female

Hive Mines are like queens, only 5-8 times bigger. They rule all xenos, via the hive mind. Most were killed by the predators, but some suvived to this day. Also most look like predaliens, only there just as big as a queen. And males have long almost predator like hair. And there hives are ruled by 2, male and female of course. Some times females can become a hive mine mother and be able to make othe hive mines, since they are not born like any other alien.

Life Cycle & BiologyEdit

The hive mines have a vary different life cycle. Like more common aliens they start as a facehugger ang go to the chestbuster stage. But after the chestbuster stage they then turn into runners, then to drones, the to warriors, then to preatorian like creatures. Next some turn into Hive Mine warriors, which gard the queen and eggs, while most turn into Hive Mines. Females have one more step to take. And that is to become a Hive Mine queen. A Hive Mine queen makes other Hive Mines. And males have a ability other types of aliens do not. That is when they are with out any type of queen to mate with, they have a organ that allows the to make eggs until a queen can take the role. And some were know to have the ability to reorganize their bones and change the skin tones in order to change to any form they have chosen or in other words shape-shifted.


Unkown to the hunters, there was an even bigger force to show it's face to the universe. It was the Hive Mines and when the hunters found out that they were the ones who ruled the xenos, they set out to kill them. But when the found them. They were huge and powerful. It took 3 years to find and kill them all. But even then they lived on. As they had a plan to incode the memories and dna into queens and other xenomorphs.