Hydroth (formerly Zolacia)
Creator Somarinoa
Mean Radius 1.57 es
Polar Radius 1.57 es
Water Percentage 100% -- no land has reached the surface of the massive oceans so far
Sapient Inhabitants Ghazra, Hydrothi, Lyssh, Zazlotl, Zolacian

Planetary Information Edit

  • Orbit: Unspecified a.u.
  • Atmosphere: Unspecified atm
  • Temperature: Unspecified° c
  • Weather: Class 2
  • Tectonics: Class 2
  • Mass: Unspecified e.s.
  • Radius: 0.78 e.s.
  • Gravity: Unspecified g.
  • Day: Unspecified days
  • Tilt: Unspecified°
  • Size/Type: A medium-sized water planet with no exposed land. Continents exist, but are all entirely submerged. One relatively large moon graces its skies, which along with its sun, wreaks interesting tides upon its surface.
  • Climate: A seemingly calm atmosphere dotted with up to a million lightning storms a day. Thunder is a common sound above the ocean's surface.
  • Water Content: The surface is 100% covered in water. A number of continents, and thousands of tiny sea mounts remain submerged, some only a few hundred meters below the surface.
  • Habitability: Very habitable by aquatic marine species, however moon's gravitational pull causes huge waves that make much of the surface dangerous.

Dominant Species: Hydrothi, followed by the Zazlotl, Ghazra, Lyssh, and the Zolacians, in that order.

Planetary Description Edit

Under Construction

Inhabitants Edit

Hydroth has not been properly studied, thanks to it being the homeworld of four Crux races. However, the Zolacians, who do not serve the Crux and operate under Federation guidelines, state that most species are invertebrates, with flora being non-existant. Major predators are typically of vertebrate descent, although these lines are blurred slightly.

Sapient SpeciesEdit

  • Zolacian: Filter-feeding planktonivore. Former ruling race of Hydroth. Now most are slaves, while some refugees live on New Zolacia.
  • Hydrothi: Filter-feeding planktonivore. Current ruling race of Hydroth. Fanatical followers of the Crux, personal slavers of the Zolacians.
  • Zazlotl: Benthic-feeding "insectivore". In a close bond with the Ghazra, always working alongside them.
  • Ghazra: Free-swimming parasite. In a close bond with the Zazlotl, always working alongside them.
  • Lyssh: Free-swimming carnivore. Enjoy violence.

Non-Sapient SpeciesEdit

  • Searope: Filter-feeding planktonivore. Body is fibrous and can easily be tied into knots without damaging its overall integrity.
  • Unnamed Invertebrate: Large, shelled invertebrates used by the Zolacians to construct their homes during early eras.
  • Radulakk: Large organisms equipped with a tooth radula for drilling holes in the shells of their prey, the Unnamed Invertebrates.

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