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Immortal Predator
Species Name Immortal Predators
Other Names Abominations, The Divine Ones
Planet Uninhabited moon
Galaxy Milky Way
Governmental System Council
Affiliations Sickle-blade clan (Formerly)


Enemies Xenomorphs

Humans Rival clans

Ruler Slayer (Originally)

Kaa (Currently)

Powers & Abilities *Enhanced Healing
  • Resistance to damage
  • Berserker rage
Weapons Plasma Wrist Blades, Laser Nets, Five barreled Plasma Caster
Goal Destroy all Xenomorph life
The Immortal Predators are a race and creation of the Sickle-blade clan. They were created by Slayer to destroy Scarface and her hive. Unfortunately, they turned on their creators and wage a war on all other species. They are currently led by Kaa.

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