Birthdate 10 May 2246 (Turned)
Birthplace Unnamed moon
Rank Elite
Species Yautja (formerly)

Immortal Predator (currently)

Gender Male
Height 3 meters
Weight 370 lb
Hair Color black
Eye Color blue (originally)

red (currently)

Era 23rd Century
Affiliation Immortal Predatorclan

Slayer (formerly)

Notable Fact First Immortal Predator

Elder brother of Kyne and Scyther

Status Alive (possessing Kyne)
Kaa was the first of the Immortal Predators. He was the older brother to Kyne. In one of his hunts, Kaa discovered an ancient wrist gauntlet. It had the unique ability to gant its user immense powers. In time, Kaa was converted into the first Immortal Predator to kill Scarface. After rebelling, his close friend, Slayer, stabbed Kaa with an enhanced sword. Kaa used his wrist gauntlet to possess his younger brother Kyne and survive.


Plasma wrist blades

Ancient wrist gauntlet

Plasma caster

Laser net


  • In Egyptian Mythology, the word Ka meant lifeforce, which mirrors what Kaa has become.

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