King alien

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A King Xenomorph is one of the rarer species of xenomorph, as they only make themselves known when a new queen needs to create a new hive.


A king xenomorph is large.(25feet~30feet, much larger than either the queen or empress and similar in size with a queen mother ) and is similar in appearance to a queen alien, though lacking the pair of secondary arms. His crown has slight green colouration on the sides , and is similar in shape to that of his female counterpart. On his tail is a large scythe, as with all xenomorphs, but the king's is slightly larger than a queen's. He has the spinal ducts/vents on his hips rather than his back, and on his back are large spikes, another trait he shares with the queen. However the most distinguishing feature on a king is the pincers or horns he grows on his head, presumably to fight rival kings for mating rights, when two come across the same queen. It is thought that these horns get larger with age.

=Function in the hive=Edit

The king only makes himself known when a new queen needs to establish a hive, or when the queen rips herself from her birthing pod, to start off the reproductive cycle. Once the king has mated with the Queen he will leave the hive, for fear of attack from the hive, or even the Queen herself, who will want to protect her eggs from any possible threat.  He will search for a place to rest, another queen to mate with, or food until he is needed again.

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