Name Riley Tei Laura Grissmen

Date of Birth February 11 2124



Colour-Dark Blue (ALL)

Eye Colour Dark Brown

Rank-LV-2 Engineer

Homeship-USCSS Nostradamus

Relatives -  Lyra Amy Laura Lynx        (Mother)                                             Cody Maverick Mordecai. Lynx (Father)

Status (Deceased as of 2186)


Riley Tei Darren Laura at the age of 10 was Left by her mother on the Pivastapol Station and Ship After they have Seekend Refugee on it because of a meteorite had crashed onto her mothers ship having things in the back Receive too much pressure and start a trail of explosions and disasters luckily it didn't destroy all

'With the ship slowly falling from the sky the crew had no choice but to call a nearby ship you Which happened to be Pivastapol station to their luck it was public which meant that they didn't need an account card but they had to sign up for their keycard after the meteor Lynx and the rest of the crew were separated.

After trying out hypersleep for the first time along with her mother while being asleep for 3 years in order to skip the time of having it repaired Lynx was called back but was warned about dangerous creature let loose from one of her mates chest

She thought this was too frightening and dangerous for Laura   And urged her to stay on Pivastapol while she left she promised to be back on Laura's  11th birthday After things began to get worse she never returned as in abandoning Laura luckily Laura was taken care of by the toons on the ship for 14 years


After for long years on Pivastapol unable to contact her mother Laura became worried asking questions research and searches until the scientist Nim Had told her about them retrieving the Nostradmus flight recorder which urged her to search even deeper for her mother.

Pivastapol Aftermath


The ship became very unbearable death unavoidable Toons turning on each other fighting killing and more luckily it all stopped until the same threat from Nostradmus came aboard

The Killer


She thought it was safe and normal until she came across toons going psychotic this went on for months work was barely even done the ship got messier and more destroyed which made her worry about her mother

Until a unknown species came aboard and wiped toons on the public ship out one by one nonstop the news spread across the ship until it got worse

 Laura had begun seeing a black figure but only for half a second.

Damen Crates


Laura came across a hostile survivor by the name of crates who has killed some before they were doing a great job until he was throat impaled right in front of her as she now knew what the toons meant about what they call it The Killer.



Riley Laura was married taking the name Grissmen

Death and Legacy


Laura Passed away at the age of 62 on Feburary 14 2186 from Rapid Brain Cancer while her mother was still in hypersleep.

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