First form: 0,28 milimeter Second form: 2 meter Third form: 22 meter Fourth form: 97 meter Fifth and Final form: 305 meter


First form: 1,07 Second form: 4 meter Third form: 50 meter Fourth form: 80 meter Fifth and Final form: 550 meter




Native Intelligence

Leviathan is a native life form from Greezle system. Its infant form is nothing than a microbe but at their adult age, its size grow to 500 meter long. Leviathan diet is still unkown, but a scientist from Dulanard system speculate ithat Leviathan is omnivore. They also state it that Leviathan is a very aggressive territorial creature. Leviathan second form is like a spider with 4 meter long. Even in this form, they are extremly dangerous. Its third form was like a dragon with 50 meter long. It is capable of flying in long distance. The fourth form is considered to be the dangerous of all because with 80 meter long, they can move fast and because its the premature form, they are very dagerous. The final form is the biggest of them all. It is capable of flying too but in short distance. With Leviathan existence in Greezle, Greezle is a class C "Dangerous Planet".
Destroyah Neo

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