History with UnscEdit

Logan was born on the Pillar of Inferno.He was raised and trained for combat.He is the son of the legendary Tom-Spartan 116.He is always ordering around the Spartan trainees.He became a Spartan a year before the trainees.


He uses dual red colored chain guns.They fire 100 rounds per second.They have a flashlights attached to them to help see in the dark.

Mech userEdit

A new mech type weapon was created to destroy Scarabs.Logan was the first to try it out.It has two machineguns mounted on each side.It is about 15 feet taller than a Scarab.It has claws on the guns to be shot at a target.They have metal wires at the end so it can pull the Scarab towards itself.Then the machineguns can be used as a battering ram.

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