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Loki is a 9 ft tall blue colored xenomorph with spikes on his back and a spike protruding out of his head.


Loki can quickly molt his skin to change into however he pleases except other species or other individuals examples of his transformations are changing to a black version of himself getting another tail and more. However he is not as strong as Thor and not as fast, strong or endurable as Mars, the ultimate alien.


Loki was born when Mars trapped the civilians of the town and the facehuggers attached themselves. He later grew up like other xenomorphs but the great difference was that he along with his brother Thor were the only ones that stood by Mars and defied the queen as the hive was about to be destroyed. Later on he and his fellow olympians (Mars and Thor) infiltrated the nearby marine base and then molted their skin to become super xenomorphs like Mars. Because of them team skull was formed and the ravagers came to Earth in a huge battle of the species.