"Who or what are you." Sue. "I'm your worst nightmare come ture.Haaaa!" Master


Ture Form of Master

Master De Lacurmist is a acinent hive mine who loves war and killing. He is your worse nightmare and kill all who joint join him or the bortherhood. He prefurs to be call Master.He lead the first xenomorphs to contorll all planets. He has covenant eltie named Goremedy as a bodygard and secconad in command. He can also regrow from the even a tiny pieace left of him, the only way to kill him is burn his body to ash and destory the entire hive he came from so his soul can't find a queen that will give birth to him. Master also calls Sue a b*****


Master has super speed, super strength,telecniese, can shape shifting and breaths fire. He also has 3 tails, and 3 wirst blades,can naturrly see body heat and only when his face is mistup he uses a predator like mask, with a predator like face on it. He mostly uses swords and at times, the Serpants staff. Master also gains powers by truning into a 5 headed snake and swallowing his victums whole. Master loves snakes because of the fear they put in a prey or eneime.


Master mostly stays in human for, he waers black jeans, a black jacket and a black shirt,the black jacket protects him from enegry basiced wapones.Master also has 3 claws on each foot, one on back and 2 others in the fornt. Master also has freddy kuger claws one each hand.


Master was born on the planet 9430, during the alien predator wars. Master soon displsced his powers. And in his first battle he saved a an eltie namded Goremedy. Master leaded most xenos into battle and always won. Soon earth was his next traget. But before he and his armies cound get there, humans came and destored the hive, via senting it on fire. Then the human female named Sue and Master fought. Sue used a knife and Master used a sword. Master did make some blows, but one that would knock Sue down. Fanilly useing her speed and skill, Sue made the killing blow to Master, Master jumped back and the blow toke his right eye. Then just to put the iceing on the cake, Master's face was burned. Goremedy arrived just in time to get Master out of the fire, before Master was burned alive. Master still died, but would be reborn trought a queen. Master soon thought it would be better to form a his own great empire after most Hive Mines were killed.

war on earthEdit

He soon found a new use for halo. Use it as a transport to other galaxies. But to do this he needed the blueprints for other forunner tech and what better way then to use the ark. So then he attacked the earth for this and sent his 2th in command to take "control" of earth. The portal to the ark was found he placed Goremedy in control of earth untill he got back. Goremedy found some blue prints of his own, while Master hunted for the plans he needed. After finding them he came back to earth, only to be attack by Sangheili, Yautja and Humans. Forcing a retreat.

The floodEdit

After his retreat, he soon comanded his armies to make a return attack. First by attacking the Sangheili home world and force the Yaujia into super predator space. Then to attack there homeworld. This would spread his forces thin. So he had to make a new deal with a enemy long since forgotten, the Flood. After finding the new Gravemind in a deep area of space that was a border between all of the other galaxies, He made a deal say the flood wounld get half control of the universe, a deal he would soon regret making.


Master, like the predators, takes skulls and his eneime's wepons. Spilors: In Aliens the return Sue finds Master's lair, she soon sees around or more then a 1000 skulls and torphys from the cretures Master has killed. Master also porves to be a dirty fighter, as he will knock down prey and ripes them to bits and loves to cause pain to others mently and phiscaly. And has a vary storng hated for the Yautja. And has a vary cold and life less face. He also love mocking his eneimes.