Mathew Carpenter was a British Royal Marine in 1985, stationed on the Falklands Islands just of the coast of the Patagonian Coast, who was present on the Island with a detachment of Royal Marines at Port Stanley, one year following the Falklands War. He was present during the Yautja hunt in 1985, which saw the death of a majority of Royal Marine servicemen, and the death of 9 Yautja huntsmen. He was discharged on Medical grounds in 1986, following concerns of mental instability, before committing suicide in 1989.

Early History Edit

Born in 1958 to a middle class working family in Yorkshire, England. Mathew Carpenter went through primary and secondary education with few notable achievements, except in Physical Education. With limited career options available to him, he enlisted in the British Armed Forces in 1979 at the age of 21. His first actual service in Combat was during the Falklands War, which saw the British Armed Forces fight against the Argentine Military of the then Fascist Junta of Argentina. The fighting was hard and the grueling marches tested the young Mathews to breaking point, as he later noted in his journal entries.

By 1985, the defenses of the Falklands islands were being beefed up and a large British Military presence was established on the Island, with 3 Type 42 destroyers; HMS Gloster, HMS Rapier and HMS Bugle on station at the Island. Following his removal from Port Stanley after a bar fight with two Gurkha Rifles, he was stationed on an outpost near Walker Creek, some miles from Mount Pleasant air base, which on October 4th, reported a blip on the radar arrays, before falling silent without any reason or warning being issued. On October 6th, the British War cabinet, fearing an Argentine counter attack, dispatched four elements of the Gurkha Rifles and Royal Marines, which Carpenter was attached to.

British Forces were accompanied by civilian Radio repair teams, and medical teams, all of whom were native to the Falkland Islands. The team were present on the site for over 3 hours before being engaged by a force 'unknown', as reported by Captain Ian Fletcher of the Royal Marines. The unknown target turned out to be a lone Yautja warrior, who utilized numerous means to whittle away at the Royal Marines at the Airbase, killing 17 on the first encounter alone, from what was ascertained from garbled radio transmissions that followed in quick succession; the target was armed with a projectile weapon, though it was later destroyed by a well-placed burst of fire from Captain Ian Fletcher, and retreating fire from Corporal Mathew Carpenter and Lieutenant Albert Hall.

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