Chapter OneEdit

1 Day before Tournament X.

Across all of the Country TV Screens flickered and then turned blank... Before flickering back on to Display Dr Eggman and Dr Wily. "Greetings! This is the Great Dr Eggman..." Eggman laughed. "And Magnificent Dr Wily!" Interrupted Wily. "We have to gathered all the Chaos Emeralds!" Eggman Continued. "And plan to use them for own fighting Tournament!" Informed Wily. "We will host this Fighting Tournament to see who is THE Strongest! Good or Bad!" Countered Eggman. "And the Winner will have the Chance to stop our secret plan! But ONLY they may try!" Wily informed. "And if you don't Join and try to stop us without taking part... We will use the Wily Egg MK.II to destroy this Planet!" Grinned Eggman. The TVs Flickered back to Normal.

All across Westopiles Heroes were watching this Announcement. The Heroes included; Six. Dark. Rookie. Sonic. Tails. Knuckles. Metal Sonic 4.0. Shadow. Rouge. Omega. Angry Joe Varas Hedgehog. Lara Croft. Eva the Doppelgänger. Mega Man. Proto Man. Bass.

Chapter TwoEdit

Westopiles Park.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass looked at eachother to consider the Situation. Six was laying on a Branch in the Tree next to them. She looked at her Claws as she layed back. "The Doctors are at it again." Noted Bass. "I say we go and clobber them." Remarked Knuckles. "It's not going to be that Easy." Sighed Six. She wrapped her Tail around the Branch and preceeded to hang from it like a Monkey. Arms folded and looking at them. "You think they won't have a Plan to stop us?" Chuckled Six. "Six is right..." Remarked Sonic. "I can take 'em!" Interrupted Knuckles. Six stuck her Little Mouth out. "Sure you can Knucklehead!" Six squeeked using her Little Mouth. Knuckles growled at the mocking. Six growled back to mock him. "Save it for the Tournament you two." Interjected Bass. "You seem eager." Mega Man replied. "Of course. With the Tournament, i will prove i am the Ultimate!" Responded Bass. "Oh boy..." Sighed Sonic. Shadow appeared in a Flash. "Bring it on Bolt Brains." Grinned Shadow. "Come at me, Fleshsack." Scoffed Bass. Six facepalmed. Sonic and Mega Man got in between the two. "Calm down, Shortfuses." Sonic and Mega Man sighed.

Team Space's Apartment.

Dark and Rookie were sitting on the Couch surrounded by Beer Bottles and Crisp Packets. "Six is gonna want to have a 'Friendly Competition' with ya." Remarked Rookie as he passed Dark a Beer. "Five Bucks say i win." Dark laughed. XLR8 the Hedgemorph sped into the Room. "Hey up, little Bud." Smiled Rookie. XLR8 posed like Classic Sonic. "Me thinks Mommy gonna beat Uncle Dark." Grinned XLR8. "Well Uncle Dark disagrees." Chuckled Dark. XLR8 hopped on Dark's Head and stuck his Tonge out. "Nope! Nope!" Laughed XLR8. XLR8 jumped off. Dark flinched due to being bopped on the Head. "Hey, Hey, Hey!" Taunted XLR8. Dark tried to grab XLR8 but the Infant sped out of the way and Dark fell to the Floor. "You're too Slow!" Mocked XLR8. "Little Rascal..." Groand Dark. "Going for a Run! See ya Slowpoke!" Taunted XLR8 as he sped out of the Door. Rookie was still laughing. Dark growled.

Chapter ThreeEdit

Chapter FourEdit

Chapter FiveEdit

Chapter SixEdit

Chapter SevenEdit

Chapter EightEdit

Chapter NineEdit

Chapter TenEdit

Chapter ElevenEdit

Chapter TwelveEdit

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