The Merratings were a sentient species native to the Outer Rim planet of the same name. They had an overall avian appearance whose members each had two heads. The heads could be of different coloration. They had plumage around their necks, yellow eyes, and the ability to move quickly. A Merrating was present on the planet Tatooine after 32 BBY.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Merratings were bicephalous and an overall avian appearance. They were bipedal, with two short legs that ended in dark toes, and two wings with which it could manipulate items, such as drinking glasses. They had two heads, each with a beak-like mouth with an overbite, and two small, yellow eyes near the top of each cranium. In at least one example, they had green skin coloration on its body, legs, wings and left head, while its right head was orange. On the back of each head was darker-colored mottling. That individual also had purple plumage around its necks and shoulders and wore no clothing. They could move quickly.


Sometime after 32 BBY, a Merrating was perched on a chair outside a cantina on the desert planet Tatooine, nursing a beverage, when a young recruit to the Jedi Order visited the establishment to record songs for the Order. The patron swiftly vacated the premises upon the Jedi's arrival.

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